Is Silver City divisive?


A commenter asks:

I’ve visited several times, and I really like your city. I’m a Liberal person, and I know of the range war, sort of, between the Greens and the logger/ranchers. I saw signs on fences that were belligerent. I saw the mining economy dominate the school impact. I saw the two biker dealers and the bar culture.

What surprised me was the hints of cliques, rumors, WTF? The guy in the record store (this was early 90s) wouldn’t tell me what radio station I could tune into while I was in town. He was actually evasive, and I questioned THAT, and he said he didn’t know me from around town.

Coincidentally, I met a couple from SC out in CA, and they said they had been banished from the main bar there!

Is there an estrangement upon the town? Is there a large and integrated division amongst you?

I’m leaving for El Paso to pick up a friend at the airport, so I’ll put the question to readers: are Silver Citians divisive? Respond in comments.

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