Whither the Wilson-Madrid recount?

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Gideon Elliot of New Mexico Matters asks:

My gripe here isn’t about Democrats losing to Wilson…again. That’s a separate gripe. Instead, I’m bothered by the fact that we somehow passed an election reform law that provided us a paper trail but prohibits us from following it.

We spent $20 plus million dollars so that we could have a system in place where the accuracy of the machine count could be independently verified. But because of the law and because of political careerist, we won’t be able to verify the accuracy of the machine count until after the general election in 2008.

This comes toward the end of a long post on Joe Monahan’s recent rumoring of plans to try and gerrymander the NM-01 congressional district, to which Gideon says:

It’s really kind of mind numbing that Democratic leaders in the state would walk away from this experience and the first thing that they’d think to do is gerrymander the district.

The inference is that if Patsy couldn’t win, then who could?

I don’t know about you, but I find that a pretty insulting question. The campaigns over guys, you can stop bullshitting us. That is unless you’re already working on her next campaign.

Indeed. Patricia Madrid sank her own campaign. There are other, qualified candidates to take on Wilson in 2008 (whether she’s running for re-election or for Sen. Pete Domenici’s seat (which is another story all together)).