Grant County Numbers

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I’m, beat, and I’m supposed to be on the air again at 7 a.m. tomorrow for the Morning Show on CATS (channel 17 on cable, if you’ll be awake). At that time, I’ll bring you the latest. For now, since you’re already here, please check this link to see the full returns in Grant County. Some final thoughts before I crash for the evening:

  1. The overwhelming majority of voters in Grant County cast ballots early. Of about 7,150 total voters, about 4,700 went to polls early or sent in absentee ballots. FUlly two-thirds or resident cast early ballots. Total turnout for the election was about 33 percent.
  2. It’s midnight, and, according to the NY Times, the Republican party has yet to pick up a single U.S. House or Senate seat, nor have they been able to swing a governor’s race their way. They’ve held quite a few races (like the Tennessee Senate race and some Ohio House races), but Democrats have seen a net gain of 25 seats in the house, 3 seats in the Senate, and have gone up +6 for governorships. If Missouri and Virginia trend toward Dems (right now, it looks that way), they’ll also capture the Senate.
  3. With about 94 percent of precincts reporting, Patricia Madrid holds a 328 vote lead over incumbent Heather Wilson.

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