Defense Secretary: Rummy out, Lieberman in?

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Read Spencer Ackerman, who has been dead on for predictions tonight:

David Gergen just speculated on CNN that Donald Rumsfeld will “fall on his sword,” meaning he’ll submit his twice-rejected resignation. Bush, of course, has pledged that Rumsfeld is his man. The only situation I can see whereby Rumsfeld is out at the Pentagon is if Claire McCaskill and Jim Webb win, giving the Senate to a 51-seat Democratic majority. At that point — faced with a Democratic congress, endless investigations, subpeonas, document requests, the whole megilla — it makes sense for Bush to reluctantly accept Rumsfeld’s resignation and appoint Joe Lieberman as defense secretary. Bush will yield huge plaudits from ignorant pundits and deliver the Senate, once Republican Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell appoints a GOPer to Lieberman’s seat, back to the Republicans, thanks to Vice’s tie-breaker vote. Meanwhile, an unwinnable war will grind on.

More coming…

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