4:30 turnout update

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Well, so far it looks like Grant County will see an incredible turnout, at least by recent standards, in today’s election.

I visited 7 precincts this afternoon to check on turnout and see if there had been any problems. Uniformly, poll workers told me the day had been a smooth one and there had been no problems with equipment.

In addition, turnout has been strong. In addition to early voting (which was at 22 percent countywide), the seven precincts reported total turnout of 1,210 out of 7,664 registered voters. The precincts I visited, Nos. 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22 and 30, represent about one-third of the registered voters in Grant County. Combined, they came out to about 15.8 percent turnout. If that holds true throughout the County, and throughout the evening, we’ll be doing great for voter turnout:

4:30 Turnout

Here’s the data:

4:30 Turnout Chart

A few more observations: I saw Mary Ann Sedillo, candidate for District 1 County Commission, at Diane’s for lunch. She’s one of the few candidates today that doesn’t face an opponent, so I guess we shouldn’t begrudge her a good meal while the rest of the candidates are scrambling all over the county.

Also, I’m blogging from the Grant County Clerk’s office. The clerk, Howie Morales tells me that there have been a few incidents of candidates’ signs being placed too close to precinct location, but nothing worse than that as far as campaign issues.

More later.

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