It’s the economy, stupid?

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Last week, I mentioned a disconnect between the Republican leadership and middle- and lower-class Americans regarding the economy. For example, take a look at two posts by the New Mexico GOP, on its blog NM For Sale. The first, really, says it all:

Another Record High for the Dow

Not that anyone seems to care nowadays.

I think Americans are very concerned with encomic figures. For example, USA Today found that 58 percent of Americans think the economy is getting worse:

Low unemployment, falling gas prices and a record-setting stock market typically would translate into warm feelings about the economy. But 55% of Americans rate the economy as only fair or poor, and 54% say it is getting worse.

Most Americans don’t care that the Dow is doing so well. They’re facing huge increases in health care costs, wages that barely keep up with inflation, and predatory lending. But the Dow is skyrocketing, so that must mean everybody is reaping the benefits.

None of that is the fault of the party in power, however. The second post at NM For Sale points the finger at the real culprits:

Media Economy

The post is titled “Media Bias.”

I would venture that the media can influence public opinion in a number of issue areas. However, when it comes to their pocketbooks, I imagine there’s little the media can do to change Americans’ perception of reality.

UPDATE 3:45: For those of you stopping by from NM For Sale, a quick note. As I stated above, a majority of Americans think the economy is bad, and an even greater number think it’s getting worse. And as my post last week indicated, sectors of the economy are doing great — that whole “trickle-down” effect just isn’t happening.

Today’s post (just like this one and this one and this one), is listed under the category “income inequality.” The basic premise: working families feel the pinch, while the rich get richer. And that’s the disconnect. It’s not a problem of the media neglecting to report strong investment growth, as Republicans want you to believe. Indeed, the NM For Sale response to my post fails to address the underlying theme: actual flesh-and-blood Americans are the ones who don’t see the benefits of our strong economy, when they shop for groceries, fill up at the pump, and go to the doctor (if they have health insurance, that is).

Republicans don’t worry about that, because they don’t recognize it — they’re out of touch with American working families. Instead, they’d rather come after me.

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