Haussamen has video of the Kissling-Pearce debate

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That’s right, the only debate Pearce would agree to — held at 4:30 in the afternoon in August — which he prevented from being broadcast. Heath Haussamen obtained the video from the Al Kissling campaign. The 56-minute debate is available by clicking on this link. Haussaman adds:

While we’re on the subject of debate ducking, here’s a little more about Pearce. He had time to hang out at the Wirefly X Prize Cup this weekend, but won’t attend the League of Women Voters candidate forum in Las Cruces on Wednesday. He has time to attend a meeting of border sheriffs to give a speech this week, but his campaign didn’t bother to fill out a questionnaire from the League of Women Voters, so he has no response in the group’s 2006 voter’s guide.

Pearce tried to prevent people from being able to watch this forum. He failed.

Your representative democracy in action.

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