Sign of the times part II

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Via Kevin, there’s this snippet at NRO’s The Corner:

A well-connected Republican source who was running through the most competitive House races this morning said, “If we lose Heather Wilson, we lose the House.” The explanation was that Wilson has faced tough reelection races in the past and so knows what she’s up against. She’s aggressive, knows how to fight for her seat, and raises plenty of money. The reasoning is that if she is knocked off this year, there is little hope for incumbents facing their first real challenge. At the end of September, polls had Wilson tied with New Mexico’s attorney general Patricia Madrid. Recent polls give Madrid an edge of about 8 points.

Madrid’s lead has been heavily blogged in New Mexico, but it’s good to see it on some national sites.

I read Political Animal regularly, but, according to DFNM, Kathy (who writes my favorite blog in England) was the first New Mexican to spot this.

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