Kissling, Dendahl on KOB-TV tonight

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Joe Monahan is reporting this morning that Al Kissling, the Democrat candidate for the 2nd Congressional Distirct, and John Dendahl, a Republican running for governor, will be on KOB-TV this evening at 7. Their opponents — Rep. Steve Pearce and Gov. Bill Richardson, repectively — have refused to participate in televised debates.

Many bloggers have (rightly) spent time discussing Richardson’s refusal to debate. It is an essential part of our electoral process, and often a debate is one of the few points during a campaign when voters can interact with candidates by asking questions.

Heath Haussaman this morning has more on the Kissling-Pearce debate held by KRWG in August:

Where are the debates? Kissling has challenged Pearce to several, but Pearce won’t participate.

Pearce agreed to one candidate forum in August. It was held in the afternoon, which ensured no live television coverage. KRWG-TV, which recorded it, hasn’t been able to broadcast it because the Pearce campaign won’t approve it and, according to federal law, both campaigns have to do so, the station says.

So, be sure to tune in this evening to watch Kissling and Dendahl discuss the issues. If you’d like to submit a question to the debate, click here.

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