They love me… they really love me


We received word this morning that the Silver City Daily Press is being recognized in five categories in the New Mexico Press Association’s 2006 Better Newspapers Contest.

Two of those awards are for my work with the Daily Press.

I won’t find out if I won first or second place or received an honorable mention until the awards banquet later this year. However, I do know I’m being recognized for “Photo Series” — which came from an article with accompanying photos about the Southwest Fire Cache — and for “Continuing Coverage.” I think that may be for coverage of fire stories as well.

I also want to single out Jacqueline Armendariz, whom I’ve mentioned on this blog before. She served as an intern with our staff this summer, and was an incredible asset to our organization. She will receive an award for “Breaking News” coverage.

We’ll also be recognized for our Web site, and for our annual Beef Issue, designed by Mary Ybarra.

I’m honored to be recognized by the New Mexico Press Association for work I completed during my first year with the Daily Press, and I think it is a testament to the support and freedom I am given by the staff and leadership at the newspaper.

I’ll let you know how the award banquet goes once I have a chance to attend.

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