Less than 100 days to go

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Last week, Maggie Toulouse blogged about the start of neighborhood canvassing up north:

It’s been crazy around here. In a little less than an hour, LCV canvassers are going to hit the streets for our 3 month canvass to help elect Patricia Madrid to Congress. Folks are in good spirits, busily making canvass packets, chatting among themselves. It’s a great vibe in the office when a campaign gets up and running – nervous energy all around and everyone excited for the task at hand and what will inevitably be the uphill dash to the finish.

To that end, I’ve posted a running counter on the sidebar there for 100 Actions, a site sponsored by the DNC aimed at increasing voter participation in the November election. Each day they’re counting down the 100 days left til November 7 (yes, I know I was late getting this started) with something for you, dear reader, to do! So click the link, get moving, and get involved.

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