Liveblogging WNMU’s Focus on the Future forum

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Tomorrow evening, univesity President John Counts will present a forum called “Focus on the Future,” at Western New Mexico University. I’ll be attending the event, and, thanks to the wonderful Wi-Fi access at the school, hope to live-blog the forum as well.

I’m interested in hearing what Counts has to say about WNMU, which has seen some stunning successes in the past few years. The university received the Zia Award for quality in 2004, and continues to excel with its nursing and education programs.

Unfortunately, a drawn-out battle for unionization and a large drop in enrollment have also impacted the school.

I think enrollment will continue to be an issue, and I wonder how well the university will adapt. If Eastern Arizona University’s plans to become a four-year school are approved, that might siphon some propsects from our western neighbor who might otherwise attend WNMU. In addition, a low unemployment rate might play a role.

Counts has about three years left on his contract. When he leaves, he’ll have served as president for something like 17 years. It might be time to start planning for a legacy…

Anyhoo, stay tuned tomorrow — if the wi-fi is working, I’ll start blogging at 6 p.m.

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