Grant County declared a disaster area

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From a press release that just hit my inbox:

Governor Bill Richardson today signed an Executive Order declaring a state of disaster for the flood affected counties of Valencia, Sandoval, San Miguel, Grant, Sierra, Hidalgo, Dona Ana, and Socorro. This action frees up state funds to help these counties repair needed infrastructure.

“This disaster declaration frees up necessary money to help rebuild as quickly as possible,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “The recent flooding has been widespread and devastating. It is imperative that we respond quickly and help these counties, cities and towns get back on their feet.”

New Mexico has been deluged with heavy rain and thunderstorms during the past week causing communities and cities to incur damage to roads, canals, and other pieces of public infrastructure. The State of New Mexico Office of Emergency Management is conducting site visits in the affected counties in conjunction with local officials to assess initial damage estimates associated with the flooding. The Governor’s Executive Order will provide emergency money available to the counties to help recover eligible costs associated with the flooding.

The disaster declaration makes all affected counties eligible for reimbursement, at a 75%- 25% state-local split, for expenses such as overtime for public safety personnel, road, water line, and sewer repairs, and other public assistance needs created by the storm. The money comes from the state disaster relief fund. Governor Richardson’s executive order will direct the Department of Public Safety’s Office of Emergency Management to coordinate the assistance.

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