New Parade Route?

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Bike Kid

I thought the new route for the parade was a good change, and welcome. Most of the people I spoke with yesterday said they preferred it, including participants. It’s shorter, and covers most of the traditional territory. We’ll see if organizers choose the same route again next year.

Gila Smokejumpers Royalty Water Fight

SHS Cheerleaders Forest Service La Capilla Float

Marching Band Caballeros

Events at the park and at the museum were rained out in the late afternoon, which was unfortunate, but all accounts indicate a successful day for both locations. I was volunteering at the museum (I’m on the board of directors for the Museum Society) and we ran out of ice cream twice. I think we bought out Albertson’s and the Food Basket (sorry if you were looking for ice cream yesterday — you should have come to the social!).

Ice Cream Social

After taking my aunts’ and uncle’s money (ah, family poker games) we watched the fireworks from atop Ursa Minor, the hill overlooking the majority of Silver City. I’ve never seen the fireworks from that locale, but, more importantly, I’ve never heard them before. Yeah, you’ll hear the bang as they explode wherever you are, but atop the hill the explosions echoed off the hills to our north like distant thunder.

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