Personal fire woes

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I know the site has been focused on fire issues lately, but, I haven’t had a chance to handle anything else. I’ve driven back and forth between the Lake Roberts area and Silver City so many times that I could do it blind. In the process, I’ve learned to take pictures out the side of my truck, donned NOMEX gear, interviewed residents, and talked to about 18 different public/fire information officers.

In short, the fire has consumed my time.

Burnout on NM 35
But, I’m leaving all that behind me. I’ll be in Albuquerque Wednesday and Thursday for the Associated Press Managing Editors Newstrain seminar. I haven’t had time to review the itinerary, so I’m not exactly positive what I’ll be doing, but it should help me be a better journalist, so I’m all for it.

As an added bonus, folks headed back to their homes in the Lake Roberts area today, so I don’t feel bad skirting my fire-reporting duties.

I’ll try and blog some politics here in the next two days, since my night in ABQ may be less than entertaining.

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