Sunday Skates Update (w/ Maps)

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Skates Fire Smoke (June 18)
(Click for larger image)

If you check the larger version (oh, my bandwidth is going to be insane) you can see a large volume of smoke just below the ridge line (look right-of-center). That’s a burnout operation, according to Dawn Sleight, a spokesperson with the Type 1 Incident Management Team out of California. That team has taken over managment of the fire.

Skates evac order lifted Tuesday
Skates Fire Fact Sheet 6-18-06

  • The fire has now burned 10,000 acres
  • 479 personnel are now involved
  • 30% contained (no change since yesterday)
  • Firefighters reinforced a hand cut line with bull dozers — they’re attempting to keep the fire from spreading further northeast, and will tie the fireline into Skates Canyon, which Sleight said is a natural barrier
  • 150 homes remained threatened this morning, but the evacuation order will be lifted at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Sunday Maps

Skates Fire 8-18-06 Activity
Activity Map (click for larger version)
Red shaded areas denote burnout operations, while the red pin points are “hot spots.” The solid red line is the “uncontrolled line,” while the black one is the “controlled line.”

Skates Fire 8-18-06 Progression
Progression Map (click for larger version)

Our photographer at the Daily Press, Stina Sieg, was out with fire personnel this morning, and she said she has some great photos. I’ll have an update in the newspaper tomorrow as well, so, be sure to pick up a copy for all the latest on the fire.

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