Counting Down

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The buzz is starting to drown out everything else with the 2006 primary election tomorrow. Still, here’s your Monday morning blog roundup preceding the election. First off, we have some picks from Democracy for New Mexico. As a reporter, I’m not taking a stand on any of these races, and I voted Friday, so no more bribery attempts, OK?

Maggie Toulouse has a defense of Geno Zamora over at Demfemme, while Gideon Elliot is wondering about Voter ID cards with the wrong information being sent out (or correct cards going out to the wrong address?). Santa Fe reporter Steve Terrell has a few posts up regarding the election as well, here and here.

Finally, we’ll give a quick shout out to Joe Monahan’s latest. I’m calling Joe tomorrow night on KANW 89.1 FM to keep the northerners up-to-date on election returns from Grant County. For you locals, tune in on cable channel 17 for a live broadcast of results. Jacqueline Armendariz, our new intern at the Daily Press, and I will bring you the latest straight from the Grant County clerk’s office.

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