International Museum Day

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Well, today is International Museum Day, so it seems like as good a day as any to mention I’m not a board member for the Silver City Museum Society. I was elected to the board two months ago, and will be working primarily on marketing the museum in the community.

I think the Silver City Museum is an integral part of the tourism economy in Grant County, but, even more, I feel it serves a unique purpose in preserving the area’s history. As I wanted to become more active in the community, while avoiding potential conflicts of interest, the Museum Society appeared to be the perfect fit. In fact, I’m happier with my decision to join now that I’ve met fellow society members and have seen the work the museum staff has accomplished. This is an exciting moment for me.

I’d encourage you, if you’re in the area, to visit the museum today. It’s a downtown fixture, and the current exhibits are wonderful. When you’re there, make a donation, or consider joining the society. Members are eligible for some great benefits, including a discount at the Museum Store. If you can’t make it today, head over on the weekend. Either way, visit when you get a chance, because I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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