Wow, look at me!

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Yesterday, LFSC was linked on the front page of the Council on Foreign Relations web site. They have a list of “Worldly Weblogs,” which are updated daily. For this, was very cool, especially because of the company I was with: Laura Rosen (whom I link to frequently); Brian Ross and Richard Esposito, the reporters who broke the story about NSA monitoring of journalists; and Muckraked and Mystery Pollster, both incredible blogs. So, wow for me.

I never set out to make this site a “big thing.” I just wanted a place to put my thoughts out there, because you’re already able to read my objective writing on a daily basis. It’s a lot easier for me to treat stories with neutrality at the office when I know I can inject my commentary on the subject when I get home.

I doubt I’ll ever go the Haussaman route blog professionally – there’s no money in blogging for me, and I don’t believe I’d want to do it for a living. Nonetheless, getting linked from a site with national visibility isn’t all that bad.

I’d recommend you check out the CFR web site. I was on a think tank binge a few years ago, but haven’t hit these guys up since I built my new system, and lost all my bookmarks. That’s changing today.

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