Easter in Alamogordo

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I drove my grandmother to Alamogordo this weekend so we could spend Easter with my Auntie Marge. I once lived with her for the summer, back in 1998 I believe, so she has a special place in my heart. Anyhoodle, I was able to take a camera along with me, so I have a few shots to show off.

The first is of Cissy, one of the turtles living in my aunt’s back yard. Cissy’s been underground for the past five months (or so) and therefore has a dirty shell:

Cissy the turtle

The second is of some flowers I saw during a hike today. It was a 4-mile hike (which usually isn’t that rough) through the Alamogordo desert, in 90 degree heat. That got to me. At any rate, these were everywhere — I guess they just bloomed. I believe they’re a form of Ocotillo, but I’m not positive.


I’ll try to get more pictures uploaded soon. I hope everybody had a good weekend. Cya tomorrow!