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I’ve linked to her site, War and Piece, before, but today is another busy day for Avelino (working late at home) and I don’t have time for a meaty blog entry. Still, Laura Rozen has been covering some stories in the last few days that aren’t getting enough play in the media: from funky contracts at the Department of the Interior to ongoing Republican corruption scandals. She just keeps coming out with the hard-hitting copy:

There’s a kind of common architecture to so much of the two corruption scandals involving Cunningham and Abramoff, including the pay offs to spouses of those being cultivated for favors, the revolving door between Congress and lobbying shops, the laundering of illegal donations via fake charities, the proliferation of front companies, one wonders if the advice to Buckham et al on setting up the front companies and people involved in the Wilkes/Wade case weren’t crossing paths? Or if they did not come out of the same school?

(emphasis mine)

Keep Laura’s site in your bookmarks/favorites, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

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