OOTO again

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Well readers, I must apologize, but I’m leaving for the weekend. My sister found a new apartment in Washington D.C., and I’m heading up there to help her move. For now, I’ll direct you to the LFSC Forums.

I’ve only hosted the discussion board for a week, but we’ve already got one thread started. Hopefully, by the time I return on Sunday, you’ll have all sorts of posts on all manner of subjects going. Don’t let me down.

Also, if you have technical problems with the board, send me an e-mail. The board is young, and still buggy, but I’d rather get all these problems fixed sooner rather than later.

I’m meeting with two fellow bloggers tomorrow in Albuquerque: Jim Baca (who’s also running for state Land Commissioner), and Joe Monahan. I’m hoping to pick their brains about blogging (they’ve been doing it longer than I have) and New Mexico politics (same thing).

I’ll try and log in from D.C., but no promises. Effectively, you’re on your own. Take care, and have a good weekend.

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