DPNM out of sync?

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New Mexico Matters weaves a twisted tale of Democrats angry with state party leaders, centered on Dem state party chair John Wertheim, party by-laws, and a poorly scheduled platform meeting:

The comments were made by Democrats angered at the Chair’s belated announcement to hold the State Platform meeting in Albuquerque on the 4th of March–the same date Taos County Democrats had announced several weeks prior they would be holding their Pre-Primary Nominating Convention. This snafu made it impossible for the County with the highest performance for Kerry in 2004 from participating in the policy formulation of the Democratic Party at the statewide level.

The state party has been under the microscope lately, and situations like this won’t help matters. Last month, many Dems were crying foul over recent fundraising efforts by DPNM. The state convention, this weekend in Albuquerque, is shaping up to be an interesting one.