ATM Security Hack

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I don’t know enough about this issue to make a coherent post. Fortunately, the folks at The Consumerist have been paying attention for us all. Their advice:

If you’ve used a debit card at OfficeMax:

1) Change your PIN code right now.
2) Don’t shop there ever again.

If you don’t shop at OfficeMax but have a debit card:

1) Change your PIN code right now.
2) Don’t swipe and punch in your PIN at the shops. Ask to sign a receipt.

The fastest way to change your PIN is to visit your bank and ask them to change it. You can also call them and ask for a mailer, but that’s not a very speedy process.

These thieves walked away with hundreds of thousands of accounts. Just because they might have been stopped in the OfficeMax case (which probably hasn’t happened otherwise it would’ve been announced!), what’s to stop them from striking again?

Especially since they were so successful this time.

Find more here and here and here and here.

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