The “Best Line of the Day” award goes to…

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Amanda, over at Pandagon:

The bill also puts a bunch of obstacles in between women and getting to actually see an ob-gyn at all. It’s also got language to make coverage of cervical cancer testing optional, probably in no small part because we all know that cervical cancer is one of those god-given punishments for being a whore. I suppose that even if they catch the cervical cancer early, it’s still likely that the patient will lose her ability to have kids so really, there’s no reason to keep the shell alive if the womby goodness in the middle doesn’t work anymore.

I usually default to Amanda on all discussions “woman,” because I can never match her wit or eloquence in describing the issues her gender faces today. The complete assault being conducted on women by social conservatives is astounding, and I could never keep up with it the way she (and other women bloggers) do.

The best I can do is hope to send a few of you over their way for some sage words. So, what are you waiting for? Click the links!

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