Election results for Grant County municipal races

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Well, I just called these in to the Associated Press, so you can say you saw them second. Let’s get started.

Bayard – here we had our only close race of the evening with incumbent mayor Rudy Martinez edging out former mayor David Conway by a 210-206 margin. Four votes is slim anywhere, so it’s surprising to see something like this happen in Bayard.

In Silver City, the big (well, only) contest was for mayor. James Marshall finished with a health mandate of 719 votes, while Councilor Gary Clauss tallied 350 and H.R. “Bodie” Chavez had 268.

Imelda Lopez won reelection in Santa Clara, with 162 votes, to 72 votes for Pete Ordonez and 70 for Gilbert Jimenez.

Finally, in Hurley, Ray Baca defeated Manuel Martinez, 229 to 169.

That’s all for now, gonna catch some shuteye. We’ll have more tomorrow!

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