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So, this whole Dem Party thing the other night is turning into a monster. By my count, there were 14 candidates who spoke during the shindig. Each spoke for about 5-10 minutes. So, even with my handy dandy Sony Digital Voice Recorder, it’s taking time to transcribe my notes. Also, I lost the notebook (until this evening) that told me the order of the candidates’ speeches.

I did Jim Baca first, and gave him his own post, because he was the only candidate to call ahead and meet with me the day of the event. He get’s kudos for that, and for being a fellow blogger.

Anyhoo, in the post below you’ll find quotes from Diane Denish, Lemuel Martinez, and Gary King. In the coming days, you’ll hear from more candidates, including Mary Herrera, Lucky Varela and E. Shirley Baca.

Twin Peaks
Little Twin Peaks

Some quick site stuff: on the right hand sidebar you’ll find five thumbails. Those are images offered through my prints service. In other words, click on an image to buy a print! They’re relatively cheap, because I’m not getting any markup (that I know of) so, buy one if you like. The image above, incidentally, is another from Box Canyon.
Finally, tomorrow is election day in Grant County for a whole heckuvalot of municipal races. I haven’t posted anything yet, and I have my reasons, but tomorrow morning it’s go time. So, hope to see you around.

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