Ok, more on the Dem. Party party.


I had planned to post this last night, after I attended an Oscar party hosted by the Silver City-WNMU International Film Society. However, while at the party I purchased a raffle ticket for a room at Gallery 400/Gila House (more info here as well), and won. The only catch: I had to stay last night.

So, I did.

Alrighty, the title says more about the party, so here we go. First up on the evening was Lt. Governor Diane Denish:

The governor and I want to win by the larget margin ever… We believe we deserve that honor, and why is that? We believe in education. And to prove that we believe in education, we’ve been able to give our teachers a raise, we’ve been making our school work, we’ve invested in early childhood and early learning in New Mexico.

Denish also mentioned legislation which provides health care for every kid in the state under five-years-old, the spaceport, and the film industry.

Everybody in New Mexico is a movie star these days, because everybody gets a bit part in a movie when it comes to their community. It’s gone from an $8 million to a $400 million industry in just three years.

The Lt. Guv. Also spoke about efforts to raise the minimum wage, which were stalled in the Legislature earlier this year, and of the Democrats’ need to come together after the June primary.

Lemuel Martinez, the first attorney general candidate to speak, said his experience would give him an edge in the campaign and in office:

Of all candidates, I’m the only one that’s been the chief law enforcement officer in the district that I serve, the 13th Judicial District.

He said he has been prosecuting criminals his entire career, and that he wants to continue protecting New Mexico in the attorney general’s office.

Martinez, who was a teacher for ten years prior to law school, said that training provides him with the tools the AG needs:

My background in education is important, because, when you discover these frauds happening in any part of the state, you need to be able to communicate it swiftly and quickly to everybody, so they know what the problem is, what the scam is, and then what to do to avoid it happening to them.

Finally, Lem said his campaign record should be examined when thinking of the November general election.

I won and beat a republican twice in the second largest district in New Mexico. In addition to experience, I think you should think about electability.

Next up was Gary King, who fought a tough race in 2004 for the 2nd Congressional District against incumbent Steve Pearce.
King also highlighted his public service experience:

In my entire career as a lawyer, in my entire career as a legislator, my goal was always to help protect New Mexico families. And that’s what I want to do as your attorney general.

King said he carried the first law that was called the Domestic Violence Protection Act, which he said was designed to help victims of domestic violence. He also brought up another piece of legislation which he called timely:

I carried legislation that prohibited the sale of precursors for the manufacture of methamphetamines and other drugs like that, and you all know that the methamphetamine scourge is all over our state now. And in talking with people who deal with domestic violence issues, they’re telling me that half of victims that are domestic violence victims, children who are victims of domestic violence, have a meth user in their home.

He also played to the local crowd:

I also carried, it’s called the New Mexico Mining Act, and that’s a law that said, “People who have open-pit mines, have to clean em up when their done.”

King said it took three years to push that bill through the legislature, and that he never gave up, a principle he would bring to the AG’s office.

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