Grant County Dem. Party parties with candidates

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I’ll have more pictures in the morning, but I need to go to sleep. Let’s just say it was nice being home tonight, since that has been such a rare occurence all week.

Anyhoo, the Grant County Democratic Party hosted a dinner/fundraiser/forum Friday night, and a whole bunch of candidates for statewide office showed up. Here’s fellow blogger Jim Baca, who is running to be State Land Commissioner:Jim Baca

Jim shared some interesting ideas with me today about state trust lands. He said he wants to classify state lands to avoid future situations like those surrounding Otero Mesa and Valle Vidal. He said it will take an amendment to the state’s consitution, but will ultimately set aside areas for conservation and energy development. I’ll have more when I can review my notes, and I’ll have more of what the other candidates said, in the morning.

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