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My boy David Neiwart is looking for scratch (fundraising) this week, and I thought I would point you in his direction. David is simply the best guy out there reporting on the hate, fearmongering, and trickery that is so prevalent in Wingnuttia. While the subject matter he blogs about is usually beyond the scope of New Mexico, he’s commented regularly on the Minutemen in the Southwest, among other things.

He’s won several Koufax awards for blogging (if you don’t know, the Koufax awards are given to the best of lefty bloggers) for his series “The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism” and “Rush, Newspeak and Fascism.” He’s also published several books — his latest, “Strawberry Days” concerns the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. He mentioned that internment in a recent post, highlighting the way FDR failed to live up to his own words:

Yet Roosevelt himself, as we’ve seen, was prone to believing many of the same fear-driven stereotypes of Japanese immigrants promulgated by the haters. That bigotry translated, during a time of great national trauma — when fear of the Japanese was being whipped into outright hysteria — into his own failure to distinguish between Japanese nationals and Japanese Americans in signing Executive Order 9066, which in the end became a great blot on his record as president.

It was also a clear failure on FDR’s part to live up to his own admonishment. Obviously, refusing to succumb to “fear itself” is easier said than done.

Yet I have often thought that, in today’s post-9/11 environment, progressives would do well to arm themselves with FDR’s old slogan. What better rebuke to the Bush administration — and the conservative movement that, as Tom Tomorrow’s cartoon beautifully illustrates, is nowadays positively driven by fearmongering?

After a steady diet of:

“9/11!” “9/11!” “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” “Bin Laden! Bin Laden!” “Boogadah boogadah!”

I can think of no better reply than this:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

David is an incredible writer, and offers the best coverage of right-wing shenanigans (the evil kind) that I have ever seen. So, definitely read his blog, and give him some money as well.

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