Call Rep. Dianne Hamilton in support of HB481

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From Democracy for New Mexico:

From the Health Care for All Campaign and Health Action NM:
HB481, the Health Coverage for All New Mexicans Committee Act, introduced by Rep. Danice Picraux, is scheduled for a hearing on Thursday, Feb 2, 2006 in House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, Room 315 at 1:30 PM. HB 481 is last on the agenda. Please check the Legislative Council web site to make sure it does not change and or call the Secretary of the Committee at 986-4844. Try to call the legislators or come to the meeting and support this bill:

Gail Chasey, Chair, 986-4844, supports bill
Irvin Harrison, Vice Chair, 986-4464,
Thomas Anderson 986-4453,
Keith Gardner, 986-4211, supports, but still call
Joni Gutierrez ,986-4234, supports, but tell her no amendments
Dianne Miller Hamilton, 986-422
Al Park 986-4234. supports, but tell him no amendments
We are asking you to call or visit all of these Committee members and ask for support with NO AMENDMENTS. Health Action NM and The Health Care for All Campaign has worked hard to negotiate for the objective study of the comparison of projected cost of various models of universal health care, including the current system. We believe passage of this legislation will move NM forward and off political deadlock on this issue. We have been told that any amendments will be reason for a veto from the Governor.

I also received a message from the Grant County Dem. party this morning, urging residents to call in support.

This bill has a real shot at improving health care for all New Mexicans, and I think they can do it without breaking the bank. So, call Rep. Hamilton at the very least, and any other committee members as well.

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