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Blog for Choice Day

Well, I’m late to the party (as usual), but today is Blog for Choice Day. I feel somewhat naïve concerning the subject, mainly because I’m a man. It seems unrealistic that I speak on a subject that I know little about, so I’ll let Pandagon do it for me. You can click the image above to find more site participating in today’s choice-blogging, but you can count on Amanda to give you the hart-hitting goods without pulling any punches:

As usual, I’m pissed that anti-choice groups want to put my uterus under state control, but the dishonesty gets to me, too, especially since so many anti-choicers plead Christian morality as their motivator. I know the image of a young woman who’s 5 months pregnant looking at her fetus on a monitor and saying, “How darling! I think I’ll keep him!” is much more appealing than the image of a young woman being put in jail for having an illegal abortion because she was desperate, but unfortunately, the latter is a much more realistic portrayal of the goals of the anti-choice movement.

I will say this: it seems to me that, contrary to everything we’ve seen during the last, oh, thousand years, Republicans think we’re going to stop young kids, and heck, us adults, from fooling around. It simply is not going to happen. And many of the pregnancies that result will be unwanted, as well as unplanned.

Now, if you go to Planned Parenthood’s website right now, you’ll find a graphic and text espousing prevention. The organization, always lambasted by those on the right for whatever reason, is a leading provider of birth control and emergency contraception information.

And to me, that completely sums up the whole pro-choice movement. I definitely support a woman’s right to choose. But, I’m also a big supporter of giving our young people information that will lead them to safer choices. While I don’t advocate it, young people (like the rest of us) are going to continue leading sexually active lives. I doubt there’s any way to change that in the foreseeable future. So, why don’t we help them make better choices, like using birth control while having sex?

It seems easier than asking them to make a choice about abortion.

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