Candidates Galore! pt. 2

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I attended the Silver City town council meeting tonight, and learned that Municipal Judge Edith Gutierrez will face Benny Montes in the upcoming election. Gutierrez defeated Montes in a special election last year (though the race had a third candidate). By narrowing the field to two, Montes might have a chance.

Incumbent that she is, Gutierrez might find some opposition in her appeal to the council for a higher salary. We’ll see what kind of feedback the councilors get during the next 30 days as we await a vote on the pertinent ordinance: will residents reward Gutierrez for good work done during the last year, or will they recoil at the thought of a higher salary for the position?

Also, contrary to what I wrote this morning, it appears as though both Steve May and Tom Nupp will be unopposed in the election. While WNMU student Serena Murillo indicated to several people (including myself) last night she would run for May’s council seat, she decided to stay out of the race.

We’ll have more in the morning!

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