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New Mexico Matters gets it right:


That’s the gist of it. Nobody has stepped up to go against Pearce, and after the beating he gave King in 2004, I’m not sure why I’m surprised. I guess I have to question the Dems’ motives in not running a candidate, any candidate, against the Congressman from Hobbs. He’s basically being mentored by Richard Pombo, the brains behind the (almost) Great American Land Giveaway of 2005.

So, while the state Dem party is gearing up for the Heather Wilson/Patricia Madrid battle, Pearce is getting a free walk.

Regarding the Cook report linked over at NM Matters: the first reactions I saw over the report (like this one over at Daily Kos) seemed solid. Democrats across the country have an opportunity to pick up House and Senate seats, and maybe even some governor’s mansions. But a sweeping landslide to put Republicans into the minority-side of things in Congress? I doubt it.

Matt over at MyDD, on the other hand, sees some cracks in Cook’s analysis:

I’m not saying that Cook’s current outlook is wrong, because I have no idea. (He did predict Clinton would resign, btw…) What is clear is that on the three hard pieces of data that we have – polling, recruitment, and base level intensity – the Democrats have strong advantages. The map is against us, and that’s what the Republicans are hanging their hats on. The thing about a tidal wave though is that you win in districts that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider competitive – Arizona and Nevada are no longer looking like absolute safe seats for the R’s, transitioning into races in which D’s have a slight outside shot. And 2005 saw Republicans walking into a buzzsaw all over the country.

The electorate is just angry and sullen, so be careful about writing off our chances in taking a chamber back.

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but it might be more plausible if the Democrats were contesting every seat. And that’s certainly yet to happen in New Mexico.

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