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A few housekeeping things. First off, John Fridinger (I’m sure I spelled that wrong) has gone off and started a community forum for Southwest New Mexico. It’s focused on sustainability issues, I believe, but he has sections for just about every topic under the sun. highly recommended. There’s a link for it there on the right in the New Mexico Blogroll, but for you lazy clickers, I’ll include one here: Gila Community Forum.

Second, a personal note. If you maintain an or similar wishlist, and your family know how to access said wishlist, it would be wise for you to keep it updated. I received several things from my wishlist as Christmas presents this year, most notably the Complete Far Side and the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. I am mucho grateful. Now, however, I need to delete some things and add some others.

Finally, I’m looking to expand this site a bit, and might graduate from Blogger (which I highly recommend) to my own domain and WordPress (which comes highly recommended).

I’ve been sick for about two weeks now, and with my mother and sister here last week I’ve been slacking on posts. I’ll get cracking again this evening.

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