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A post by Ezra Klein over at TAPPED got me thinking: do Democrats really want to win back Congress in 2006, and the White House in 2008?

I?m sure you?re aware, but the Republican Party is completely tanking all over the country. This, I have to say, is a good thing. However, Ezra makes a good point:

?When (Democrats) regain power, those arguments will return to the fore, once again splitting environmentalists from unions, hawks from doves, and big spenders from deficit hawks. It won’t be pretty, and it’ll be all the tougher thanks to the many train wrecks that the Bush administration has set in motion. Spending is far higher than revenues, entitlement growth is set to bankrupt the country, troops are deployed in a foreign land, and things are generally a mess.

?My mind remembers the first post-Clinton days, with tales of missing furniture. It jumps to the burst of the tech-bubble, resulting recession, and Republican blame for the whole fiasco squarely aimed at the previous administration. And even now, in 2005, we?re hearing those Bush sympathizers lay 9-11 and ultimately Iraq on Clinton?s doorstep.

What will the Democrats inherit if they return to power? Ezra hit them pretty well: a huge deficit (though we always get one of those from a Republican president); the possibility of troops staged in a foreign country (if we?re talking 2008, it might be Iraq or Syria or Iran, for God?s sake); a looming energy crisis (if you believe in peak oil); a healthcare system with costs rising faster than inflation; the list goes on and on.

But it was the first part of that paragraph that got me thinking, because I saw it happen here in Silver City recently. A meeting of the Southwest Hispanic Roundtable featured a discussion on roadless forest areas. The discussion turned to the cultural heritage in our area afforded by hunting, and I heard the always-wonderful ?tree-hugger? tossed about as well.

Only the most extreme environmentalists want to ban hunting, and would propose changes that would have a noticeable impact on the Grant County/Silver City people. But Republican propaganda has enabled them to use Democrats? own issues against us. We should maintain the roads already built (for safety reasons as much as anything else) while preserving what we can. Have we really come to the point where our forests don?t provide enough access for our citizens? recreation?

But, we have a group of Hispanics that should be united in defeating Republicans, instead working to limit conservation efforts that have no real bearing on how they live their lives.

The Meyers nomination showed a rare sign of Republican internal dissent (following the smaller revolution of fiscal conservatives in Congress after Katrina). Otherwise, they?ve kept up a good racket by uniting against Dems.

Do we want to take back the government if we?re just going to go after each other when we do?