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I went and watched Kill Bill: vol. 1 today. I must say I liked it. I could name good things and bad things about it, but I?ll save that for a review. Which I?ll start once I?m finished with the Homecoming photo-pages. Which I?ll work on once I?m done with this mid-term my professor gave me.

Kill Bill though, don?t wait for my review. I know, I know, I?ve made the Don?t-Wait-For-Me-To-Write-Something™ joke a million times now, but even so: the movie is good, and if you get a chance, go check it out.

I couldn?t sleep last night. My stomach was upset, and I have a suspicion that was the reason. Whatever the case, I found myself playing SWG. As much as I hate to play the game, it is incredibly fun. More importantly, it?s an easy escape from some of the worries that plague my thoughts during the day. In much the same way I went to see Kill Bill tonight, I play SWG as a means of getting away from things. Which is also a perk of hiking and biking.

I spent some time with my grandmother (on my mother?s side) this weekend. I visit my Dad?s mother almost daily (we watch The Price Is Right and The Young and the Restless together), but my Mom?s mom is a hard lady to get a hold of. She has a circle of friends who she meets with on a monthly basis, every second Monday to be specific, and whom she also sees throughout the month at other functions. She goes dancing almost every Friday and Saturday night, staying out until 12:30 sometimes. I?ve made this joke in private before, but in short, at 73, she has a better social life than I do.

Now, I?ve known both of my grandmothers for quite some time now (as could be expected) but only recently have I truly began to treasure how much they mean to me. I never really listened to their stories before I moved away and came back. I never really understood the wealth of knowledge that they possess. I never really knew that they were both incredibly funny women, but as I?ve learned recently, they both have remarkably witty minds. When I took my Dad?s mom, Marie, to Wal-Mart recently, a little boy was pushing a cart in front of us. My grandma said, ?Look out, crazy driver.? Her timing is impeccable.

Spending time this weekend with my Mom?s mom, Flora, was a welcome treat for me. So often our schedules conflict that I don?t see her as much as I would like to. We just talked about the usual things, but the talk was refreshing in that her viewpoint on life is sometimes drastically different than my own, yet also incredibly similar in so many ways. When she said, ?The weather has been so wonderful lately, I didn?t want to stay cooped up inside,? I understood myself a little better.

I think that in this day in age, when we spend so much time worrying about work or school or whatever, the thought of spending a day outside makes sense. Heck, during the spring she would go hiking with me, and I?d be keeping up with her, not the other way around. Days like those, outside, with or without company, are truly the best of days.

My grandma Flora said something else which got me thinking. She recounted to me that some of the members in her group had recently passed away, and said, ?I was telling my friend the other day that we?re lucky we can go out dancing. We?re lucky we?re even here at all.? I couldn?t help but think, ?Yeah grandma, you?re right: I am lucky you?re here.?

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