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Whew, been a long time since the last blog entry, hasn?t it? Sorry about that. I have been busy. I recently posted another article, which you should check out if you haven?t already. Additionally, I?m working on my ?coverage? of the Homecoming festivities last week. I?ve run into a little problem. The gallery over at the main site isn?t exactly available. As such, I?ve had to think of another way of posting numerous pictures. I thought of doing something similar to the Gomez Peak article, but really, I have hundreds of pictures from Homecoming. So, I?m still working on a way of getting that done.

The Some Devil review is coming along, though it probably won?t be up until the end of next week. I have a rough draft due for a term paper this week, so I should probably better get going on it. Also, Galaxies has been taking up a little time recently. The game is fun, in a buggy, inconsistent sort of way. I remarked to Archon last night that I would almost pay to have the game work. Then I realized the game carries a monthly fee with it.


My sis was going through a dilemma yesterday. Nothing serious, but she mentioned to me that she was thinking our Mom was going to say, ?I told you so? if my Mom was brought into the discussion. I told her not to worry about it, that Mom would just give her some good advice. About half an hour later, my sister called me back and said, ?Mom told me what to do.? I replied, ?Told you so.? I?m so funny.

If you haven?t tried out Absolut Vanillia yet, I highly suggest you do so. The stuff is smooth, with great flavor, and is the best all around mixer I?ve ever seen. Girly-Foo-Foo drinks?, shots, and a few hard-hitters all benefit from the subtle vanilla flavor. The Absolut website has some great Vanillia drink recipes(if you can find them), and you can also pick up the Absolut Metamorphosis add-on for Outlook or Windows. Plus, the Vanillia bottle is smoking! All good things coming out of the Absolut camp right now.

Anyhoo, I?m off to another football game today, and then a bike ride. I need to get on that GT of mine and hit a trail. I don?t care where it is, or how long, but I need to ride. It?s been too long since I?ve really cut up some singletrack or tackled a hill. So, wish me luck.

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