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Well, anybody reading this blog entry who is a regular visitor might notice that I don?t usually post at 5:00 in the AM. Because, of course, I?m not usually awake this early. You see, I?ve always been a big fan of bed, and of sleeping in particular. Now, I won?t pretend to like sleeping as much as my sister does, but to be honest, I?m one of those people that likes shutting his eyes and waking up 8+ hours later. This did not turn out to be one of those evenings.

So, I decided to make the most of it. Once I polish off this blog entry, I?m going to polish up my Cliff Dwellings article. I?m still trying to decide if I need to send some questions off to ?people in the know? as I call them. If I do, the article might be delayed a little bit. Otherwise, expect it this weekend.

I?ve been asked to join a student club on-campus, called SAM. I forgot what SAM stands for, but I did locate the page for the club on the WNMU site. Unfortunately, the only thing on the page is a hideously annoying ?under construction? sign. Now, I?m not saying I?m the end-all be-all of web design, but maybe I can make a contribution to the club fairly quickly by getting something put on that page. Heck, if I can get that tacky-ass picture off, I?ll consider my club membership a success.

I?m going to be fairly incognito until Sunday. I was about to say ?incommunicado? but realized that might give my readership the wrong impression. At any rate, I?ve promised a good friend that I would hit up Star Wars Galaxies tomorrow night. Which means that my Friday is gone, since the Volleyball Team from Western will be having a home game that night as well. And I?m planning on getting OFF my ass on Saturday, and taking The Banana Dog for a hike. And, maybe a new friend as well.

Alrighty, enough mumbling and grumbling. I?m gonna turn on some Sirius streaming and get cracking on that Cliff Dwellings article. Peace out. Homies. Or, er, something like that.

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