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Well, I?m heading on a three week or so trip, so I wanted to let everybody know that I shan?t be doing much for the site while I’m away. Archon has access to the news system, so maybe he?ll stop over and post something really quick some time. Otherwise, I?ll try and keep you updated, as I should have Internet access during the majority of our trip.

A quick itinerary: leaving Silver City, NM, and traveling to Oklahoma City, then on to St. Louis, and from there to Chicago, where my sister is graduating from Northwestern University. After spending a few days in Chicago, we?re moving my sister to Washington D.C., which is were my mom is currently employed. Should be spending a week, maybe two, in D.C., before heading home via Nashville and Dallas. So, should be quite the little trip. I call it my quasi-vacation because I’ll bve driving with my dad for trip. If we manage not to kill eachother, I’ll deem the trip a success.

Behave everybody, and of course, head over to the main site if you get bored. I?m sure the forums are cooking up something special, and you?re definitely invited. Until next time, laters.

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