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Well, I guess it has been a few weeks, so it must be high time for another blog entry. Tomorrow’s my birthday as well, so I probably won’t get around to writing if I don’t do it now. But, what to write about? The fishing line that was strung across the street last week that almost took me off my bike? The Matrix: Reloaded? Catching up with old friends? Why not all three?

Tuesday afternoon, I was biking around town. I visited one grandma, then another, and then went over to my mom’s place to work on the yard. I was riding down Silver St. and suddenly “THWACK!!” At first I didn’t know what was going on, I had been jerked back, I felt something snap, and then I was moving again.

Once my head cleared, I realized what had happened: somebody strung a piece of fishing line across the road. As I was riding down, it close-lined me at the neck and, fortunately, snapped. It left this nice red line across the base of my neck. I filed a police report, but they said they couldn’t really do anything. Which makes sense.

The Matrix: Reloaded. Where to start? My sister watched it on Wednesday, and I went to see it on Thursday. Now, Aislinn is usually a good sounding board for a movie, and I like to think I fit that bill for her as well. Generally, we tend to like the same movies. Which, I’ll add, is not something I expected would happen when we were growing up.

Regardless, I spoke with her on Thursday afternoon before I went to see the flick. She was really reserved, and didn’t want to talk about it. She said she didn’t really like it. And, as I told her later, that might be the reason why I liked it so much. Before speaking with her, I had some very high expectations of the movie. After speaking, I was a little more guarded.

I won’t really get into specifics on the movie, I’ll post a review/analysis of it soon. I did want to mention, however, that my sister is smoking the good stuff, because the movie was good! Ha ha, she can’t get me back, either. Well, unless she logs onto the Stasistech.com forums, but I doubt she’d go that far.

But she didn’t like the movie. She found a quite a few things wrong with it. And I concede that she made some decent points. She summed it all up by saying that this reviewby the Washington Post made all those points in better wording than the could have used. I, on the other hand, thought it worked well, and liked it.

And how about your friends? When was that last time you got in touch with them? I recently responded to one of those question/answer e-mails. You know, “write out your own answers to these questions, send it to a lot of people, and also to the person who sent it to you.” I must say, I hate spam, and junk mail, but I can always use an e-mail from a friend telling me about him/herself.

When I left Las Cruces, I left the people that were my life in Las Cruces. I failed to keep in touch with some of them. I’ve gotten back in touch with two of them, the two that mean the most, but it is still rough not speaking with people whom I used to see every day. And I am also reminded about exes. My last ex said she wanted to remain friends, and keep in touch. At first, I was all for the idea. Now, however, I remember what my sister told me: “Why? Why would you need to do that? What possible benefit could it have for you?”

You know, my sister is pretty smart. I always joked about writing a book when I get older, titled “If Only I Had Listened To My Sister.” I’m sure it would be a great work, though I wonder how much appeal it would have to a broader audience. Too bad Oprah stopped her book club thing.

Back to friends. How often do you keep in touch? In today’s world of 10-10-220 and e-mail, it should be pretty simple, right? So what stops people from saying “Hey, how have you been? What have you been up to?” Do people simply stop caring? Do we all just “move apart” as they say? What’re your reasons for not keeping in touch?

Well, that’s about it for now. Apparently, tomorrow I will be 24 years old. Working on a quarter century of life. I ask myself what that entails. And I answer, “Damn you sure screwed the pooch so far.” Figuratively, of course. But really, I realize something that I’ve known for quite some time. In the question/answer e-mail I mentioned earlier, it asks what your ideal job would be. My smartass answer was “La-Z-Boy Structural Integrity Analyst.” But I realize now that I want to create the little instruction booklets for Lego sets. I want to play with toys, and then show others how to play with toys. 24 years, and that’s the best I can come up with… oh sister, what have you to say now?

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