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First off, apologies for not updating recently. I said earlier that I was sick, and this week has been staggering in the amount of work I’ve had to do. Yessiree, it’s that time of the year: research projects are getting completed, book reviews are being finished, and finals are just around the corner. Well, to start off this post, I’ll relate the story of my Saturday. I attended a symposium entitled “The Native American Experience.” It was held at my school, WNMU. Basically, it was a day of events aimed at introducing various aspects of Native American culture to the public.

Why was I there, you ask? Well, I was writing an article for The Mustang, the student newspaper here on campus. Yes, I have a new gig, “semi-regular writer.” It seems as though their online issues aren’t current-current, so unless you can get a hard copy you might not be able to read a story of mine for quite some time. Oh well.

Regardless, the symposium was wonderful. I could write an entire post on the discussion of Native American spirituality, but I’ll only remark that the speaker had an incredibly sound outlook on life. To quote him, “You cannot acquire what you want to obtain through ego.”

There was also a group of singers and dancers that performed, and I can only say that the entire performance was beautiful. The dancers were all young girls, the youngest being at most 9 or 10 years old. They showed remarkable skill and coordination, and I thought that was commendable. I’ll try and dig up some links if I can.

After the symposium, I decided to head out to Little Walnut and hike my favorite hike, Gomez Peak. Seven minutes into the trail, I saw a young woman approaching with a dog walking un-tethered at her side. She paused to place the leash back around its neck, and continued on towards me. I remarked on the day’s beauty, she smiled and agreed, and suddenly the dog reached across her body and bit me on the leg!

Now, it didn’t hurt too bad, I simply walked it off and then finished the hike (incidentally, I cut 13 minutes off my previous best time getting to the summit). However, she didn’t stop to see if I was OK, nor did she apologize. She scolded her dog, turned away, and continued on down the trail.

This truly surprised me, since I was accustomed to the friendliness of hikers I had encountered elsewhere in the Silver City area. Perhaps she was embarrassed, or perhaps she noticed that I didn’t react to the bite and felt I was OK. Either way, I still am shocked that she didn’t offer an apology. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by all the other wonderful people hiking the trails I love.

Well, I’m not sure if it was the dog bite or not, but I’ve felt sick ever since. I’m feeling better today, and think that by tomorrow I should be back up to snuff. Time to run; have to be up early tomorrow for class. Posts might not come daily for a few weeks, until school is out. Please understand. Or course, I still welcome comments and feedback. A link to e-mail me is at the top of the page. Take care.

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