The Loneliest Street in Baltimore

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Last Sunday, after I watched the Navy’s Blue Angels perform over Fort McHenry, I found myself stranded at the end of Frankfurst Ave. I had spent the afternoon aboard Pride of Baltimore II, and after we docked I called for a ride via Uber. Unfortunately, the Uber driver decided not to wait for a train crossing some tracks up the street. And, since I’d been out on the water for a few hours, my phone was dead.

I eventually walked about 2 miles to a gas station. I managed to convince the clerk to call me a cab, and I made my way home.

But yeah, Frankfurst Ave: don’t ever get stranded, because there’s nothing out there.

Another Monday at the Office

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So far this week, I’ve a) babysat a monarch butterfly chrysalis while we waited for it to eclose and b) attended an after-hours photo meetup at the National Aquarium. The butterfly was eventually released Monday afternoon (see above), and the aquarium resulted in some fun photography and a bevy of new friends on Instagram (see feed at right).

All in all, not a bad week at NWF — that’s right, this was all work related.