Stuff I Wrote Elsewhere: DREAM Act Edition

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So, I’m still trying to find the time to get blogging over here going once again, but for now you can read my latest over at OpenCongress:

Last year, the DREAM Act fell eight votes short of cloture in the Senate (see Donny’s detailed post for more). As with several other pieces of legislation in the 111th Congress, however, this time around the bill has a supporter in the White House. President Barack Obama helped to pass similar legislation while in the Illinois state legislature, and has voiced support for the federal legislation on the campaign trail.

I really hope you all have checked out OpenCongress, not just because I’m working there now, and not just because it’s such a useful site for finding information on bills and lawmakers. It’s also one of the best sites out there for participation. You can vote legislation “up” or “down” using Battle Royale; track individual bills, lawmakers, or issues with My OpenCongress; and of course you can add to the information we already have using the OpenCongress Wiki. And of course, since you know me, you have an insider that can help you out if you want to get started or run into problems.

(As usual, title meme courtesy of John Fleck.)