Chamber shenanigans

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My friend (and former colleague) Mary Alice Murphy has another recent story on the continuing saga of the Silver City-Grant County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber board of directors, if you recall, decided last month to accept executive director Nicole Robbins’ resignation rather than grant her a three month working leave of absence. Many of the chamber members (you know, the local business owners in the area) cried fowl, and have since forced a recall election for the board.

I’ve got some strong feelings on this matter – Nicole is one of the most earnest people I’ve ever met, and I’ve never known anybody so dedicated to doing well. Simply put, I can’t understand why anybody would want to ler her go.

At the same time, I’m a practical guy, and I’m not privy to the internal discussions of the board over what is fundamentally a personnel issue. It reminds me of the city council years ago when it replaced Tom Bates as city manager. Bates had some strong support in the coomunity, but the council made its decision and stuck by it.

Finally, I have some personal history with many of the board members, and nothing but respect for them. The board member have consistently stepped above and beyond what their professional careers required to serve with numerous civic organizations within Grant County.

Regardless, it looks like the chamber board have already formed a search committee to look for an interim director. This either conveys a sense that they feel they have enough support to survive the recall election or they don’t care either way, and they’re going about business as usual.

I’d be a bit more interested in learning about the logistics of the vote. Will the meeting be public (I’ll be in town that week)? How will it be tabulated: does a majority of the membership have to be present? Or, does it require a majority (or supermajority) of those members who show up?

Anybody else know of recent developments?