Grandma’s Christmas Present

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My family helped my grandmother pay off the last $2,500 or so on her mortgage this year as a Christmas present. I wasn’t in Silver City for the event, but everybody who was gathered at her house on Christmas Eve to surprise her. She had no idea we had done it, and was understandably shocked (she later told me she thought she was going to have a heart attack).

Many thanks to BJ for the idea and for organizing the effort.

For those in the family who weren’t able to go, here’s some video of the surprise. If you can’t see the video below, you can view it on YouTube.

Happy New Year!

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I was going to write a year in review post, but I’ve been laid up on the couch with some form of bug, so I was less than productive. Anyhoo, maybe tomorrow. For now, best wishes for a wonderful new year!

Mac OS X Blue Screen of Death

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While upgrading to OS X 10.5 today I encountered the Blue Screen of Death, which is apparently a prevalent problem when making the transition from Tiger to Leopard. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t, you know, use my computer to get online, I had to come up with my own workaround: installing Leopard on my second partition, copying my applications, music, documents, and user profile, and then wiping the original installation and repeating the process (the second partition is slated for a Windows XP install).

Anyhoo, considering the incredibly positive experiences I’ve had with my Mac in the past, I was of course disappointed in the Leopard upgrade, but I’m up and running and everything is working fine now.

Land of Enchantment

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Here I come!

I’ll be heading to New Mexico in the morning, pausing at the El Paso airport while my dad drops off my sister and picks me up. I’ll try to get some blogging done while there, but, either way, Merry Christmas!