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There are primaries happening today:

It must be August: Congress is no longer in session and the congressional primary season is again heating up. According to our calendar, there are primary elections every week from now until mid-September. Candidates in three states – Kansas, Michigan and Missouri – are on the ballot tomorrow.

As part of our Wiki the Vote project, our citizen-editors have been tallying all the races and building profiles of many of the candidates. We’ll have more on the winners Wednesday, but for now here are some of the more interesting races to watch:

You can find the rest here. If you know something about an interesting congressional race, I’d urge you to head over to Congresspedia and add the information there. You can always ask us for help, and I promise we’ll value your contribution.

It’s entirely possible I gave preferential treatment to Missouri and covered those races first, though I won’t confirm or deny why.

As always, the “Stuff I Wrote Elsewhere” idea is courtesy of John Fleck.