Richardson’s third-place spot in Iowa in trouble?

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The latest Des Moines Register poll indicates Bill Richardson is holding on to his third-place spot in Iowa at the moment, but Mike Lux over at Open Left thinks Biden is the man to watch:

Biden has more momentum than Richardson or Dodd going into the final month, and is picking up traction in some places around the state. I expect him to finish fourth , but he has a very long way to go to pull off a shocker and get into the top three- he’s not surging by anywhere near that much, not yet at least.

The race in Iowa has an interesting mix of “WTF” going on right now, but I’ll put some stock in Lux’s thoughts since they’re not outside the realm of possibility. In addition, with Richardson “sucking up” to Hillary lately, who knows if he’s feeling some of the affects of Obama’s recent surge in the polls.