Friday Flickr Foto Dump

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Up Close and Personal
So, it’s been a while since I did some photoblogging, and I thought I would go ahead and do a photodump of pictures taken in the past two weeks. You should click on the photos for larger versions and to read more about them, but here’s a basic rundown: the tulips in D.C. are amazing in Spring, the National Arboretum will knock your socks off, Rehobeth Beach in Delaware is wonderful, the new Nationals stadium is a dream for baseball fans, and the tulips in D.C. are amazing in Spring. Yeah, I said it twice: they’re really that good.
Purple Plant Horseshoe Menace Floral Print

Tulip Craze Coral

Nationals Park

A touch of red Ants on a Log Six by Six

Metro Standout

Galaxy Magnolia Mini Pineapple Garden

On second thought

Lighthouse The View from Above Sandy toes

Spring Flower Show

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Alpinia ZerumbetMeredith took me to the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens yesterday for their annual Spring Flower Show. One word: amazing. There were tulips and hyacinths and Easter lilies and daffodils galore, and the scent of the hundreds of blooms was almost as incredible as their beauty.

We arrived on the last day of the show (good thing Meri remembered!) but I have a feeling we’ll be going back: the Conservatory also had tropical, dessert, orchid and palm exhibits. I was struck by the display of orchids, which reminded me of those at the National Botanic Garden in Washington D.C.

We spent most of our time in the tropical section of the Conservatory, which was an incredible space that was humid and hot and a great change of pace from the recent cold temperatures (though I know I’ll be dreading those conditions come summer time).

OK, I’m babbling now. There’s more photos below (they speak for themselves), and you can find Meredith’s photos here.

Wildest Dreams

Bananas! Symmetry The Dragon's Lower Jaw