So it begins

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I’ve got my first blog post up at, where today I begin my new role as community manager. It’s a quick preview of the legislative week:

The Senate kicks off the week with a busy start, as Democratic leaders attempt to keep the caucus in line on the omnibus spending bill. In the House, a vote on D.C. voting rights legislation is probable on Tuesday, and House members may be required to approve any changes made to the omnibus spending bill. In addition, the Employee Free Choice Act will be introduced in both chambers Tuesday.

For those regular readers out there:

  1. I still work for the Sunlight Foundation. OpenCongress is a Sunlight project, and I’m pretty excited to be involved.
  2. Congresspedia is no more. It’s been moved to the OpenCongress Wiki. The new wiki is like some 70s TV show: faster, stronger, better. It’s got semantic data for exploring relationships between wiki pages, and syncs right in with bill and lawmaker pages at OpenCongress. We’re also hosting some exciting community projects — check out the 2010 RaceTracker for an example. Let me know if you want to start 0ne.
  3. Part of the transition was the addition of some new features at OpenCongress (including the new Wiki). If you’re interested in h0w Congress works, a particular piece of legislation, or anything else about the legislative process, we hope to make OpenCongress the place to go.

And, for those of you out there in the New Mexico blogosphere (or NM ex-pat space – I’m looking at you Karen and Kathy), I’m sorry I haven’t been around to link and comment lately. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.